Louis Vuitton & Exhibition in Qingdao

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Louis Vuitton & Exhibition in Qingdao

After its last stop in Shenzhen, the Louis Vuitton & Exhibition travels to Qingdao to celebrate over 160 years of creative exchanges and artistic collaborations.

First presented in Tokyo, Louis Vuitton& continues its journey in China with a new presence in Qingdao. Known as China’s Sailing City, its vibrant culture and sea-faring heritage will naturally inject new life into the exhibition. A rich and immersive experience, Louis Vuitton & is an exhilarating exploration of Louis Vuitton’s ongoing dialogue between the past and future, heritage and modernity, Paris and Qingdao, savoir-faire and innovation.

From the immersive entrance, featuring a digital portrait of Louis Vuitton by artist Cao Fei, to traditional tea trunks and Chinese celebrity custom orders, the exhibition traces the Maison’s pioneering creative journey. Among the over 180 items on display are a remarkable collection of early twentieth-century special-order trunks; iconic Monogram bags reworked by renowned artists and designers, and original collaborations and commissions. Guests will also discover the full Artycapucines collection, the Maison’s artistic exchange, featuring the emblematic Capucines bag–the modern classic named after the street on which Louis Vuitton opened his first store– reimagined by leading contemporary artists from across the world, including: Alex Israel, Urs Fischer and Zeng Fanzhi.
Honoring, this year, the 200th anniversary of Louis Vuitton himself, the exhibition culminates in an exceptional selection of the 200 specially commissioned trunks by talents, visionaries, and friends of the House, including Cao Fei, Liu Wei and Zhang Ding.

Louis Vuitton& Exhibition
Gate 5, Olympic Sailing Center
Shinan District, Qingdao

May 20th – July 1st 2022

10:30am-9pm Daily

Free Admission